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 C'est pas (que) moi qui le dit, c'est écrit noir sur blanc dans un article sur Rory Williams (oublions le "Pond" pour une fois) publié sur le site du magazine britannique Radio Times.

si vous aussi vous aimez Rory et aimez lire des articles qui disent du bien de notre infirmier préféré, c'est PAR LÀ que ça se passe.

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My vehicle would be a spaceship. A spaceship which can travel through time too. Blue. Retro look, very 50's. Tiny outside, huge inside. In one word it would be a TARDIS (What a surprise!. XD)
And I'ld choose, er... I'ld choose planet Mars I suppose. Always dreamed to go there, don't know why.

But if I can't have a TARDIS (Life is unfair sometimes), I would choose a red Mini Cooper with white stripes on the hood and Union Jack on the roof. And I'ld park it in London.

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It's not a surprise if I say "The Doctor", is it ?
I just love this guy. His smartness, his personnality, his style life (I could kill for a travel into the stars), his humor, his disgust of guns,... I love him.
I always wanted to visit the Universe (and when I say "always", it's really always ; I want this since I'm a very little girl). And I always wanted to understand the Universe, too...

Without forget that I really believe in aliens.

Yeah, I'm probably mad. Or an idiot, don't know...

(and if I can't be like The Doctor, I'd like to be like Sherlock Holmes - yeah, another mad man ^^)

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Choose a fandom

Day One: Vids
Day Two: Icons/Icon Makers
Day Three: Fic
Day Four: Art
Day Five: Quote

1.01 : 

             Merlin (to Arthur)
: Look, I've told you you were an ass. I just didn't realize you were a royal one.
Arthur: Come on then. I warn you, I've been trained to kill since birth.
Merlin: Wow, and how long have you been training to be a prat?
Arthur: You can't address me like that.
Merlin: Sorry... How long have you been training to be a prat, my lord?
1.07 :
Uther: Could somebody tell me what happened?
Merlin: Well -
Uther: Someone with a brain.
1.09 :
Gwen: So how does it feel to be servant to the crowned prince of Camelot?
Merlin: Washing his royal socks will be even more of a privilege.
Gwen: You're proud of him really, even though you complain about him constantly.
Merlin: I am not.
Gwen: You are! I can see it in your face!
Merlin: Those socks are very clean, of course I'm proud of them.
1.11 :
Merlin: Listen to me!
Arthur: You know me, Merlin, I never listen to you.
3.04 :

             Gwaine: Once you have seen one noble, you've seen them all.

3.10 :

             (Old) Merlin: My name is.... Dragooon!!!! The Great...

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I probably will choose a series from the BBC. "Merlin" or "Doctor Who".
Most surely "Merlin" ...
And I'd like to play a young witch who saves Arthur (through magic). Of course, the prince would realize nothing (as usual ^ _ ^) but Merlin help me escape from Camelot when I'm in danger of being executed (Uther, you bastard !).

Or a "girlfriend" of Gwain ^ ^

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I really dislike it. It's like a name of bad sitcom's bitch. Vanessa. Burp !
So, if I had the opportunity to change it, I'ld do it in the very first second I could !
And I probably would choose Svetlana ; I already use it as a nickname on the Internet.
Or Cléophée ; it's a very beautiful name. Very rare.

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Et oui, il fallait s'y attendre, à force d'écouter les Beatles à longueur de journée, de regarder leurs films, de lire des fics sur eux, j'ai craqué et j'ai commis mon premier RPS. En anglais en plus. Allez savoir pourquoi je n'ai pas écrit en français, ça m'a juste paru plus naturel de le faire dans la langue de Harrison ( laissons Shakespeare un peu tranquille ).
Sinon,  "All my loving" n'a pas été écrite en studio, mais dans les coulisses de leur tournée de 1963. Et George n'a pas participé à la composition non plus. Mais bon, Paul et George n'ont - du moins officiellement - jamais été ensemble non plus, alors...

All my loving
Personnages : George Harrison/Paul McCartney
Rating : K+/PG
Disclaimer : Ceci est un récit de fiction, les Beatles s'appartiennent à eux-mêmes et "All my loving" appartient à Lennon et McCartney même si le premier n'a pas participé à l'écriture ou à la composition de cette chanson.
Warnings : Cucul-la-praline... Et sûrement des fautes de grammaire anglaise.
Note : PoV George Harrison.

All my loving )